Everyday at MEC2

Our goal is to send everyone home to their families in the same condition they arrived each day!

At MEC2, we make safety a vital part of everything we do.  Essential to the well-being of our team members, subcontractors, the general public and, ultimately, the success of every project, we make safety part of our everyday process and spare no expense when it comes to precautions, equipment and training. 

At MEC2 we know doing it right means doing it safely.

With an extensive in-house training program designed by experienced mechanical construction professionals and supplemented by independent third-party safety consultants, MEC2 is committed to providing our employees with the safest workplaces possible and sending them home safe each night. 

Our company-wide commitment to designing and building mechanical systems the safe way has helped MEC2 to establish and maintain an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) that keeps us in the top 2% of national contractors.  

Providing Our People With the Tools to Succeed

Safety is part of the process at MEC2, with a company-wide culture of safety dedicated to providing the best in standards and training.

  • Cross Sector Safety Training
  • Classroom Training
  • OSHA 30
  • Toolbox Talks
  • CPR and First Aid Training 
  • Lift Training 
  • Scaffold Training
  • Safety Consultants
  • Salesmen and Foremen On-site Inspections
  • Practical Application Training and In Field Testing
  • OSHA 10
  • Safety Stand Downs
  • Operator Training
  • Man Lift Training
  • Laser Training
  • Independent Third Party Safety Review

The MEC2 Safety Program

Safety starts on day one at MEC2 with an introduction to our comprehensive safety program.

Designed by experienced mechanical engineering and construction professionals, our safety program combines ongoing classroom learning with practical on-site safety training, equipment testing and review.


At MEC2, our policy is that safety comes first — always. We believe that doing a job right means doing a job safely, and we work to consistently reinforce a company-wide commitment to safety procedures and best practices. It is our goal to return every employee home safely at the end of the day, and to empower them to make safety a priority in everything they do.


When it comes to safety, we know it is far better to be proactive ahead of time, rather than reactive when a problem does arise. That’s why MEC2 spares no expense when it comes to employee safety and training. We continually invest and reinvest in our people, providing extensive course work and industry recognized training, such as OSHA 30 and OSHA 10.


At MEC2, we seek to continually improve in everything we do. Accident prevention and improved safety procedures are no exception. That’s why we continually evaluate our safety program and workplace safety processes, utilizing expert safety consultants and independent third-party reviews to consistently provide the latest in safety innovation and best practices.


Safety is more than just lip service at MEC2. From our tradespeople to our administrative staff, every employee works to make safety a central part of everything we do. To this end, we employee job-specific toolbox talks and safety stand-downs to facilitate safety awareness and ongoing communication, empowering all team members to bring safety concerns forward whenever they arise.

Employee Testimonials

  • "MEC² has always given me the tools and opportunities to advance my career at a high rate. MEC² has been a huge contributor to my success. My family and I greatly appreciate everything they have done and continue to do for us."


    Service Manager

    Years with MEC²:
    17 years

  • "There is plenty of room for growth in the company as we expand into the medical field of construction and government work. One of the best things I like about working at MEC² is everyone works as a team."


    Piping & Plumbing Superintendent

    Years with MEC²:
    20 years

  • "Working with MEC² has afforded me the opportunity to learn from the bottom up, from apprentice to foreman. I feel my future and the future of MEC² is bright with the quality of projects MEC² receives and the projects they have allowed me to run. I’m most looking forward to continuing my growth with MEC². The best part of working here is the sense of family."


    Sheet Metal Foreman

    Years with MEC²:
    15 years

  • "MEC² has become a home for me. The people are like family. The company has helped me grow both personally and professionally. It is nice working for people who want to see you succeed. I look forward to continuing to reach new goals and heights, thanks to my MEC² family."


    Service Admin Supervisor

    Years with MEC²:
    9 years

  • "Working with MEC² has helped me grow by giving me a leadership opportunity within the sheet metal department. Classroom training is always important, but the training I find most useful is the general openness and helpfulness from the front desk all the way up to the principals. I am optimistic about my future because the construction sector workforce is in high demand at all levels. I look forward to being the best at my current position and seeing what doors open up going forward. I would have to say the best thing about working for MEC² is the company’s ability to adapt quickly and stay up to speed with a constantly changing sector."


    Sheet Metal Superintendent

    Years with MEC²:
    8 years