Expert HVAC Services for Optimal Building Performance, Efficiency & Cost Management

Time is money, and the faster you can get your building up and running, the sooner you can start generating the profits your business thrives on. At Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation, we’re experts at pre-fabrication and can deliver superior quality solutions quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.

We work closely with our clients to ensure every detail is accounted for and incorporated into the finished design. You can count on us for exceptional services that offer reliable system performance year-round.

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Our Pre-Fabrication Services

We use the latest techniques and most advanced design technologies to create accurate models of your building and the systems you need to keep your staff and customers comfortable. Our technologies allow us to thoroughly examine every detail to determine the most efficient solution to the most complex challenges.

By building virtual models, we can explore every inch of the construction site and plan every step of the installation process, so it stays on schedule.

When it’s time to build your system, our construction and installation services will ensure everything is correctly assembled and installed. Our expert craftspeople will ensure that every bolt, nut, fan, and other component is attached and secured and that the finished system complies with all applicable safety codes and regulatory requirements.

Finally, our services include comprehensive testing and the start-up and commissioning of your systems. We strive to deliver systems that perform as designed. And, if issues arise, we have the skills and expertise to promptly resolve unforeseen challenges, so your systems provide the performance you need.

The Advantages We Offer

At MEC2, our pre-fabrication services offer numerous advantages for our clients. These include:
  • Expedited construction time: Because the HVAC systems are pre-fabricated in a factory setting, it’s as simple as completing the necessary systems, transporting them to the construction site, and installing/reassembling each element.
  • Quality control: Our thorough design and engineering processes ensure that the finished systems we install in your building will deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and durability.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our processes are designed to deliver completed systems without delay. We work closely with clients to select the perfect HVAC systems, features, and designs that offer maximum efficiency and system reliability. The result is lower costs today and for years to come.
Contact MEC2 at (443) 637-8055 for more about the advantages of our pre-fabrication services for your business.

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation?

We take pride in the systems we pre-fabricate for our clients in Maryland and throughout the region. Our clear communication style, use of state-of-the-art design technologies, and attention to detail ensure the quality of our craft and the effectiveness of the finished design.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve proudly served clients throughout the area. Since opening our doors, we’ve built a reputation for providing award-winning services that Maryland business owners choose over the competition.

Contact MEC2 at (443) 637-8055 to schedule an appointment or speak with our pre-fabrication team in Maryland about your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pre-fabrication improve consistency?

Absolutely. Pre-fabrication in a factory setting helps ensure every cut, wire, and other component fits together seamlessly. By pre-fabricating your systems, we can ensure that every element works together as a cohesive system.

Isn’t pre-fabrication more time-consuming?

The design time is longer, but this is more than made up for during the installation process, which is much shorter. In the end, pre-fabrication is considerably faster than attempting to build everything onsite.




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