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Our pre-construction planning and preparation services help ensure that the finished structure is completed to the highest quality standards. At Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation, our teams work closely with you to address every detail before construction begins. We’ll ensure the project planning, control, and coordination are suitable so you can keep the construction process on time and on budget.
You can be confident the HVAC systems and solutions we install in your hospital, data center, office building, or educational facility will keep your building safe and comfortable throughout the year.
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Our Pre-Construction Services

Phase 1

Our pre-construction services begin with a comprehensive condition analysis of the structure and any inherent issues. Once the condition is confirmed, we’ll generate a detailed model or blueprint of the HVAC installation plan so we can determine the optimal solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilating the structure.

Phase 2

The next phase involves ensuring the project has the proper oversight and onsite management. This is critical because models and blueprints can be misread or misinterpreted. Effective management ensures we can deliver proactive responses to issues as they arise, keeping construction within your budget and on schedule.

Phase 3

Another critical element of our pre-construction services entails creating a reliable estimate and budget for the work and systems required. Our detail-oriented estimators work hard to ensure the cost estimate is as close to the penny as possible so that when the final cost is calculated, it’s as close as possible to the original plan.

Phase 4

We’ll also plan the scheduling, installation phases, and overall logistics. You can rely on us to handle the ordering and delivery of your systems, schedule technicians for installation processes, and more. We account for every step of pre-construction HVAC solutions, which allows us to help keep overall project completion on schedule.

Phase 5

Finally, we’ll prepare to secure the materials, systems, components, and other items required to complete the installation to your specifications. We do this long before construction begins to minimize material delays.
We would love to tell you more about the many steps of the pre-construction services we offer.
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Why Choose Us?

We hire the best so we can deliver the best. Our HVAC specialists are experts at their craft, and we strive to ensure every project is done right and on time. We don’t want to meet your expectations; we want to exceed them at every opportunity.

Our collaborative processes ensure complete satisfaction, which is why businesses throughout the area have trusted our team for nearly two decades to complete the most challenging HVAC installations, retrofits, and repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does pre-construction planning take to complete?

It depends on the project. Smaller projects can be planned in a matter of days, while larger, more complex projects may take months to finalize.

Is pre-construction planning necessary?

Absolutely! It’s always best to hire a professional team with extensive experience and expertise to perform these tasks. It’s a cost-effective investment that will keep your project on schedule and budget.