Efficient Start-up & Commissioning Services

Tailored to Meet the Specific Requirements of Each Unique Mechanical System

From complete equipment checkout and performance testing, through all necessary troubleshooting, training, and operations supervision, MEC2 works with clients to guarantee the long-term success of every mechanical engineering system.

Specialized Coordination for Optimal System Performance

Our specialized start-up and commissioning services ensure your system is functioning as designed to perform as intended. Working through start-up management and detailed commissioning procedures, MEC2 coordinates with all relevant project partners and trade specialists to define the most efficient and cost-effective start-up scheduling, bringing equipment online in optimal sequence to guarantee peak performance — while meeting critical project timelines.

Design and installation are just the beginning at MEC2.

We include complete custom start-up & commissioning services to meet your unique project needs.

Complete Equipment Checkout

Bringing essential systems online requires more than just flipping a switch. MEC2 reviews all project documentation, design forms and manufacturer’s specifications, to make sure everything is set up exactly as designed and working as intended. Our specialized start-up and commissioning experts look at the whole picture, managing entire systems — not just one piece of equipment — to ensure every part of the mechanical system is operating at peak performance.

Detailed Technical Troubleshooting

Our specialized MEC2 start-up and commissioning personnel are able to expertly troubleshoot system start-up procedures, ensuring proper operations and identifying any potential issues before they become problems down the road. With dedicated time and resources for hands-on training with the newest technology and equipment, our start-up and commissioning specialists can assist third party commissioning agents with detailed start-up procedures.

Performance Testing

Our detailed performance testing evaluates every component of a mechanical system to ensure system quality. Utilizing cutting edge technologies, such as BIM coordination and digital system testing, MEC2 ensures the integrity and performance of every mechanical system.

Operations Supervision and Training

Our start-up and commissioning specialists walk project owners and facility personnel through all aspects of mechanical system operations and training. The experienced MEC2 team helps to develop proper operations procedures with facility staff to ensure seamless project turnover and turnkey mechanical systems commissioning.




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