Expert HVAC Services for Commercial Businesses

Every commercial property needs reliable heating and cooling. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Let Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation handle your HVAC service needs. For nearly two decades, property managers and business owners in Annapolis have chosen MEC2 for HVAC repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

Our technicians have years of training and experience servicing commercial HVAC equipment. MEC2 takes the hassle out of managing your heating and cooling systems, from mechanical engineering and system installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Keep your property comfortable every day of the year with help from expert commercial HVAC technicians.

Contact MEC2 online or call 443-200-1000 to schedule HVAC repairs, replacements, or maintenance.

Emergency HVAC Services

HVAC systems rarely fail when it’s convenient. If your HVAC system suddenly fails, MEC2 will be ready to deliver the services you need. When you call us for emergency HVAC services, you can expect our technicians to arrive swiftly with an inventory of parts, ensuring minimal delay in restoring your system.

Our team members undergo rigorous training and have years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry, so you can rely on us to inspect and fix your heating and cooling equipment thoroughly.

If you notice smoke, a burning smell, or loud sounds coming from your HVAC system, call 443-200-1000 to request emergency HVAC services in Annapolis.

Our Commercial HVAC Services

Rely on MEC2 when you need commercial cooling and heating services in Annapolis. Our comprehensive HVAC services include:

  • HVAC repair: If your air conditioner short-cycles, can’t meet the set temperature, or fails completely, turn to MEC2. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your system before applying an innovative and cost-effective solution.
  • HVAC installation: Our specialists will replace your old system with a new, energy-efficient model that will meet your comfort needs within your budget.
  • HVAC maintenance: Routine HVAC maintenance ensures your system will be ready to provide reliable comfort on demand. During your appointment, we’ll thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system, providing the adjustments it needs to continue operating at peak efficiency.

MEC2 takes the hassle out of managing your comfort systems. Contact us online or call 443-200-1000 to schedule commercial HVAC services in Annapolis or nearby.

HVAC Systems We Service

No matter how you heat or cool your property, our technicians have the experience and tools to service or install your HVAC equipment. Our team works on a range of heating and cooling systems, including but not limited to:

  • Boilers
  • Central AC
  • Chillers
  • Commercial split or mini-split systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Dual-fuel systems
  • Ductless systems
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Rooftop units
  • Variable frequency drives

Stay comfortable at your place of business all year with help from MEC2. Contact us online or call 443-200-1000 to schedule repairs or replacements.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Without the proper systems, the air quality in your business could impact the health of building occupants. MEC2 can equip your property with humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other filtration systems to improve the air quality in your property.

We also offer duct cleaning services to help ensure dust, allergens, and other contaminants don’t accumulate in your HVAC system and ductwork.

Contact MEC2 online or call 443-200-1000 to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.

Why Choose Mechanical Engineering & Construction Corporation?

MEC2 has provided comprehensive HVAC services throughout Annapolis, MD, for two decades. We pride ourselves on being there on time, doing the job right the first time, and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions. We’re proud of our award-winning work and happy to help commercial businesses throughout the area keep their properties comfortable for employees and guests.

Ready to schedule a service? Request commercial HVAC services in Annapolis by calling 443-200-1000 or contacting us online.